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Links Starting out in digital art? Want places to go for information, add ins, extensions, or simply places to view other people's work? Check below, you'll find some very interesting links to follow.

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Poser Arcana Poser Arcana has a site with a wide variety of tutorials for working with Poser, both in pre and postprocessing. They've got pretty good tutorials on texture use and adding realism to your poser images.
KPT Bryce Tips KPT Bryce Tips is a community dedicated to Bryce. Their website includes a forum where you can gain knowledge on different techniques in Bryce, an ImageTalk forum where you can submit your work for review by others, and a full line of tips and tutorials on basic and advanced Bryce usage.
Poser Forum Online Another Poser community. Here you'll find tutorials, galleries, and a very well stocked links section for all your poser needs.
Iso's Page Iso's got some really well done female clothing, both formal and informal, available on his website. Best of all, it's free.
Toshi's Poser Poser characters, kinda anime-looking. Real fun if you do anime renderings.
Baumgarten Enterprises Some characters, a bit too CG looking, but interesting. Baumgarten also has quite a few very useful prop models, which is the main attraction I find at their site.
Digital Babes Top of the line hair for Poser, some very well done transparency mapped hair styles... a must to replace that plastic-looking hair Poser has by default.
The Propsguild Tons of ready to go 3D props you can use in your artwork.
Digital Blasphemy Digital Blasphemy features lots of wallpapers done in Bryce, Poser, World Builder, and a whole lot of other neat utilities. I got the idea of playing around with digital art after seeing some of Ryan Bliss' work, so blame him for whatever I might become <grin>
Real Life Costa Rica Ok, so the nut who made this website is from Costa Rica... what the heck is Costa Rica? Check out Steve's website, just be careful you don't stay too long, you may never want to leave :)


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