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Date: December 20, 2001

Dreamweaver was my first shot at creating something relevant in Bryce. The concept is based on a dream once told to me by a friend that seemed like an interesting enough proyect, and simple enough for a Bryce rookie.

There's 2 versions of Dreamweaver you might see around the Internet, the first one is blue in color and much darker than the one above. Initially that one was posted on the net, but a couple of days later I got my hands on PlantStudio and made some improvements on the vegetation and the image in general.

The background image was done in Bryce, with the center figure in Poser. The figure was exported to Bryce and given the glass texture. The ascending spirals around the figure were done using Spiralizer. The transparent face was done in Poser.

The two front columns were initially solid cylinders, and in post were given the burnt and broken look.

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