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Date: December 25, 2001

Creation was different from previous images since it had a heavy component of post production, done in Photoshop 6. Post involved mixing layers, blending the different characters into the image and taking care of the background, which was generated from a warped version of Photoshop's "sunset" style.

Creation was my first attempt at rendering human characters up close, and it worked pretty nicely. An important component I believe I should mention were post production hints outlined in the tutorial by Syyd Raven on Poser Arcana. Tnx :)

In itself I find this one of my more interesting ideas, mainly because of the concept. It's religiously metaphoric, but conceptually inverted (think about it for a while), and at the same time there's a hint of erotism thrown in. Bet the religious fanatics are gonna have a ball with that one... <grin>.

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