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The real life Costa Rica website

Hi! Glad to see you stopped by...

Planning a trip to tour Costa Rica? Wanna know the best national parks, surf sites and natural landmarks to visit? Well, you've come by the wrong place <grin>. But even if you did, stick around, I'm sure you'll enjoy the website.

First of all, lemme introduce myself. My name's Steve, I'm 24, unmarried, no kids and I've spent the past 10 years or so living in Costa Rica. I guess by now I've pretty much gotten the hang of it. How did I end up here? Well, I was born here, then moved elsewhere, and then moved back. Simple story...

Anyway, one fine morning I was surfing the web, looking at different websites and I realized something. There's websites that deal with the natural wonders of Costa Rica, websites that talk endlessly about rafting, surfing, national parks, canopy tours, you name it. But there's no real website that can tell you about real life in Costa Rica. I mean, you've gotta wonder... is there more to Costa Rica than rainforests and birds? Sure there is, but most people don't see it since it's not a part of the "tourist" experience.

And so my website was born. I went out with my digicam, took some photos and cracked HTML code most of the afternoon. This is the result. A place where you can really get to know what life in Costa Rica is like, and yes, there is more to it than toucans and sand!

If you're a student planning to spend a few months here, a retiree wanting to move here, or just someone who's bored with life and wants a neater place to live, have a good look around. Lots of info here that can help you. If you're a tourist who'll be visiting Costa Rica, look around too, you'll find it's a much more complete experience when you know the people you're dealing with.

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